It’s Saturday: Break the Sunlight

The morning sky has been wide open for some hours, and now as the first of the cloud lends its grey tinge to what is a divine winter day, the sounds of Sydney art-rock  outfit, Charge Group are urge me to break the sunlight.

Their self-titled sophomore album will (for me at least) undoubtedly be Australian album of the year. It’s an album of rich textures and infectious hooks, that surges deeper through you with each listen. And it is joyous! With each listen since seeing the band play live at The Beetle Bar and again at Jet Black Cat a couple of weekends ago, that sense of playfulness and joy has grown. The instore gig at Jet Black Cat, was one of those rare live music experiences where the outside world ceased to exist; where band and audience became one, creating their own intimate universe.

So as you break the sunlight on your Saturday, do it with the sounds of Charge Group ringing deep in your heart.!



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