Three incredible workshop opportunities!

August is an incredible month for poetry in this this fine city of ours, and QLD Poetry Festival: spoken in one strange word is the pinnacle! This year, QPF are delivering three workshops to help you read, write and fine tune your poems… and the best thing is, one of them is online, so you can be anywhere in the world and still tap into the experience.

Booking early is totally recommended!

Here are the details:

Creative Re-Writing with Felicity Plunkett

Online Workshop with award-winning poet & editor Felicity Plunkett

Re-writing is an art, and having an interested and imaginative interlocutor can be fantastically enabling. US poet and teacher Steve Kowitt has said that ‘if there is a “secret” to writing it is rewriting, a process that can be every bit as exciting as getting the first draft down on paper.’

This workshop offers that opportunity, and invites you to take a draft or drafts and develop it/them over a four-week online course, with feedback designed to challenge and encourage you as you rewrite a poem or suite and take it further through revision and reappraisal. Each participant will receive feedback from the tutor, poet and editor Felicity Plunkett, on one poem per week, as well as links, suggestions and discussion and feedback from other members of the group. This is an interactive workshop designed to help you develop and refine your poetic practice.

Dates: Monday 30th July – Monday 27th August
Cost: $20
To book: email Sarah Gory – – for a registration form. Once your booking and payment is confirmed, you will be sent instructions on how to login to the course and use the online platform Edmodo.


The Art of Reading a Poem w/ Robert Adamson

A single poem can be at once simple and complex, visceral and cerebral. Join renowned poet of over 20 collections, Robert Adamson, for this workshop that explores the art of reading a poem, from Dorothy Hewett to Robert Creeley and everything in between. (Re)read great poems through a new lens, examining poetic forms and technique, and discovering new meanings. Learn why understanding great poetry can make your own poems sing. The workshop will also discuss the elusive poetry market for Australian poets looking to be published here and overseas.

When: Friday 24 August 2012, 10am – 1pm
Where: Queensland Writers Centre, Level 2, State Library of Queensland, Cultural Centre, Stanley Place, South Brisbane
Cost: $40

To book please contact the Queensland Poetry Festival on 07 3842 9950 or by email at Places are strictly limited, so get in early.


The Poetry of Politics w/ L.E. Scott

Poetry has a long tradition of sparking our collective conscience. Poetry, like politics, can speak truths that lie beneath the surface. Join African American jazz poet and prolific author and performer L.E. Scott and explore how your poetry can be both political and lyric, in this three-hour workshop covering performance poetry, political poetry, and the vitality of spoken word in the struggles of Black people and people of Colour around the world. Participants are encouraged to bring along some of their own work to use in particular exercises during this “hands-on” workshop.

When: Saturday 25 August 2012, 10am – 1pm
Where: Shopfront Space, Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts
Cost: $40

To book please contact the Queensland Poetry Festival on 07 3842 9950 or by email at Places are strictly limited, so get in early!



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4 responses to “Three incredible workshop opportunities!

  1. lucky people.

  2. sigh. i should[a] be[en] there! that’s a pretty amazing list of workshops. i’ve seen lewis and he can be absolutely incredible, and the other two folks, well most of you up there will know about them! 🙂 sheesh, if i had the money! … lucky people indeed!

    • gnunn

      yeah bro, qpf just keeps kicking things along poetically. i am booked in to the plunkett series and the adamson workshop. good times!

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