Perfect Sunday Morning Music: Valtari

Masters of the ethereal,  Sigur Rós have released another contender for album of the year, Valtari. It is a superbly quiet album, full of atmospheric strings, bowed guitars and waterlogged organ sounds. In fact it has been said that the album moves at a glacial pace… a pace, perfect for Sunday mornings. And what makes the release of Valtari even more exciting is that the band have commenced the Mystery Film Project to coincide with its release, inviting several filmmakers to interpret songs from the album as well as providing budding filmmakers with the opportunity to take part and win $5000. Full details of the Mystery Film Project can be found here. So to get your Sunday off to a gloriously slow start… here’s the clip for Ekki múkk by inga birgisdóttir.



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4 responses to “Perfect Sunday Morning Music: Valtari

  1. hell, i cannot watch the clip here
    but can say that i tried. still cannot find my self really and fully enjoying them.

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