swinging the axe
sunlight splits
the firewood



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  1. gnunn

    This one was inspired by Charles’s comment about reading the love poem in front of a fireplace.

  2. misswoodhouse


  3. I may have to head down there…rain is something we rarely see in SoCal…glad I finally inspired someone. πŸ™‚

  4. beautiful Graham,

    how great it is to swing that axe and split wood. one of the best house work existing.

  5. Tash

    Clever Haiku. I gather fire wood from our woodpile every winter evening, yet something so brilliant never occurred to me. Apart from reading lots, & writing some fairly average haiku, do you have any tips for an aspiring haiku writer… to see things in new ways? Tash

    • gnunn

      Thanks Tash! Glad this image surprised you. As for tips… If there are other people in your area writing, the best thing I ever did when I started out was to join a haiku group, where we shared poems every month at a gathering. I also find going on a ginko with other haiku poets is a great way to capture some new images. Hope this is helpful, G

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