More haiku news …

I have been in a haiku headspace of late, so it was wonderful to receive an email this week letting me know that the latest issue of Creatrix is now online and features haiku from writers as amazing as Robert Adamson, Matt Hetherington, Beverley George & Lorin Ford (+ many others including this Lost Shark). So if you want a haiku hit, Creatrix #17 is ready and waiting for you!

And it just wouldn’t be right if I didn’t leave you with something new, so here goes…


beach hotel
my neighbour’s voice
comes in waves


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7 responses to “More haiku news …

  1. Congrats on your haiku publication πŸ™‚ Your haiku today is terrific – I am imagining the sound of the neighbours voice, as if coming from underwater – bubbles are floating to the service – haha.

  2. surface I mean – doh (thank goodness for the weekend she says, her voice sounding like it is deep under water ;))

  3. Vuong Pham

    Interesting.. never heard of this haiku journal before. Sounds like a good read.

  4. Congrats…indeed well deserved.

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