Mission Beach Tour Diary #3: new haiku

Here’s the third and final installment of the Mission Beach Tour Diary, a selection of my own haiku from the ginko. I hope these continue to create a picture of just how magnificent and tranquil Mission Beach is…

low tide
a dog runs from
hand to stick


white sand
I drift along
with the butterfly


salt spray
the history of waves
against rock


nature reserve
stopping to notice
the weeds


choosing the same log     grasshopper and I


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8 responses to “Mission Beach Tour Diary #3: new haiku

  1. Vuong Pham

    ‘white sand’, ‘salt spray’ and ‘nature reserve’ are my favourites out of this list. they’re good.

  2. Oh…now you’ve got me reconsidering my travel plans…love the shot of you two in the waves.

  3. The haiku are emitting peaceful vibes – what a beautiful place.

  4. salt spray
    the history of waves
    against rock

    this is wonderful Graham. love it and what it can imply

  5. Sorry, Graham – the photos of cutie-pie Little Shark have outblogged your haiku 🙂 As W. C. Fields said… 😉

  6. Loving the tour diary G. Great thoughtful ku too. You may take this as a comment ku:

    chubby leg ripples in the water

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