Mission Beach Tour Diary #1: 5ft High Haiku

Let me first say, Mission Beach is paradise…

Yesterday, I had the privilege of spending the day talking haiku with six local writers and leading a ginko along the beachfront. We also had the opportunity to workshop a number of poems composed during the walk and I plan to publish a healthy selection of these poems in a future entry in the tour diary…

But unlike any other ginko I have lead, the event culminated in the most voted for poem (by Barbara Bufi), being dug in 5ft high letters on the beach. The poem was then photographed from above by a plane and as you can see, the results were stunning… nothing like a 5ft high haiku to get the local beach goers talking poetry!

A massive thanks to Jacque Duffy for organising the event and for her artistic scribing of the poem and to all of the enthusiastic diggers of words. It was a day I will always remember.

beach mosaic was composed by Barbara Bufi


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10 responses to “Mission Beach Tour Diary #1: 5ft High Haiku

  1. This looks amazing, G. Can’t wait to see what else transpired from this tour!!!

  2. LA

    What a fabulous haiku display :))

  3. misswoodhouse

    This is so wonderful!

  4. Oh that looks like it would fun to do….but I don’t think I can find such a private beach to try it out here in SoCal…but loved it.

  5. Too cool for school πŸ˜‰ Let me get this straight – the letters were dug into the sand?
    Nothing like a sand crab ball display to inspire a ku or two:
    ‘sandy crab canvas
    emphemeral art display
    vanishes with the tide’

  6. Brad said it already but I’m gonna have to repeat it. That’s very cool. Well done Mission Beach poets.

  7. Poetry visible to birds and rescue helicopters! Love it!

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