Another Lost Shark 2012 Tour: Mission Beach Arts Festival

Winter has arrived and brought with it a clinging gloom, which makes this Lost Shark doubly excited to be heading north to the seaside town of Mission Beach this coming weekend. Earlier in the year I made my maiden trip to Cairns, so to be heading back that way again is an absolute thrill. Mission Beach is located 2hrs south of Cairns (approx 1600km north of Brisbane) and from all of the images I have seen, looks absolutely idyllic. Here’s what I mean…

And the reason I have my sights set on Mission Beach… well they are holding their inaugural Arts Festival as part of QLD Week celebrations. I am running a number of workshops, including a ginko (haiku walk) along Mission Beach, which I am sure is going to produce some amazing works, some of which will be written on large translucent paper and hung from coconut palms, while others will be etched in the sand and photographed from the air. A truly spectacular way to capture the written word! You can find out more details about the week of events at the Mission Arts site.

In anticipation of the warm salt air, I wrote this:

licking the colour
from an icy pole

Roll on Friday…



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7 responses to “Another Lost Shark 2012 Tour: Mission Beach Arts Festival

  1. misswoodhouse

    “…written on large translucent paper and hung from coconut palms…” Wow! Just thinking about that is exciting. I cannot wait to see it!

  2. Love your haiku – haha πŸ™‚ It is stunning up North (except for the stingers, crocs, humidy and insects) and inspirational – love the way the mountains reach out to the ocean – something prehistoric about it all – half expect a dinosaur to thump out of the rainforest, looking for stray poets to eat. Sounds like a great trip.

  3. Love the photo and poem…so very beautiful.

  4. 2 hrs ‘north’ of Cairns? cmon mate, you don’t think yr friendly pedant aka moi will let you get away with that do you? Mission Beach, Flying Fish Point, Garradunga … they’re my old stomping grounds πŸ™‚

    • gnunn

      thanks for pointing that out Ralph! wow, i really got my direction wrong… let’s make that south! oh, and my copy of FR 43 arrived today so it will be traveling with me.

  5. haiku + photo = beautiful

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