Negativity don’t pull you through…

Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues – Bob Dylan

So true Bob, negativity is a heavy load. A dead weight.

This morning as I wake to experience the beginning of my 41st orbit of the sun, wife and son smiling, I feel totally free of any negativity… this Lost Shark is indeed blessed.

And as I share my birthday with Bob, I couldn’t help but share this gem… A clip from Eat the Document, featuring Bob and band laying Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues.

Now if that didn’t put a smile on your face and shed the weight, I hope this will.

birthday morning rust on the watering can


See you all next week when I return from Blackall,



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13 responses to “Negativity don’t pull you through…

  1. misswoodhouse

    With birthdays, as with so many things, it’s quality, not quantity that counts! Glad to see you are already enjoying your day! I hope it is hugely happy and with many happy returns. Meanwhile, I hope your trip to Blackall spills poems left and right!

    • gnunn

      It’s been a gorgeous day A.I sure am hoping to bring back many words from beautiful Blackall… sadly it will mean the Friday Night Lights post will have to wait until Tuesday… am sure it will be worth the wait though!

  2. Happy birthday…may each new year bring to you and yours even more blessings…Cheers!

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRAHAM AND BOB πŸ™‚ Here’s to a bit of rust!

  4. Happy Birthday! Being at peace with yourself is one of the best feelings in the world πŸ™‚ Being able to recognise how blessed you are is such a gift. Have an awesome day πŸ™‚

  5. Lynn

    All the best from hervey bay Graham, love your haiku. Introduced haiku to my group the other day and one is really struggling by turning them into metaphors. I’ll have to get you back up here soon for that ginko we talked about.

  6. happy birthday Graham,
    wish a muse(ical) year full with pleasure on and off the writing table.

    looking forward for your impressions..

  7. i like that ‘with care’ in the watering can picture. great picture, the colors in the blue rusty watering can are really beautiful. i’d call it a standout as far as color goes, the dusty part of the can too, and the color of the wood and the burst of green. very nice. Happy Birthday, too! and wishing you many happy returns

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