Another Lost Shark 2012 Tour: Blackall Heartland Festival

It’s well known that I like to take a dip in the waters of some of this state’s regional towns as well as traveling interstate as part of the annual Another Lost Shark Tour.

This Friday, May 25 the 2012 tour kicks off with my annual pilgrimage to the ‘big-sky’ country of Blackall, located approx. one thousand kilometres north west of Brisbane. On Friday night, Sheish, Giselle, Cindy and I will be taking our words and chords to the stage of the Prince of Wales Hotel as part of the Blackall Heartland Festival. Then on Saturday we will be running a series of workshops with young people as part of the Shockwave Festival.

Blackall’s landscape has inspired many poems, so I thought I would repost one to give you a snapshot of its stunning vastness.



by kite hawk
that spirals
on hot thermal winds
like that
of the spirit of sky
inspires a hopeless

wind at dusk
resents the song
of insects
and falling leaves
remind me
of the great distance

I want to fill my hands
with moonlight
and bring it back
to you

(you can read the full poem here)


Look forward to bringing you all back some words…



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3 responses to “Another Lost Shark 2012 Tour: Blackall Heartland Festival

  1. Vuong Pham

    Awesome stuff. Have fun.

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