Wake Up! It’s Record Store Day

The sad news of Levon Helm’s passing today has got me even more fired up about Record Store Day tomorrow. Tonight, I will be reliving (and reloving) the Last Waltz and some clips from his Midnight Rambles and then in the morning, I will be dancing on down to TITLE to get my hands on some sweet, sweet vinyl. Some of the Record Store Day Specials include:

Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry’s ‘Blackboard Jungle Dub: 3×10″ Coloured Vinyl
Tomahawk’s ‘Eponymous to Anonymous’ 3LP from Ipecac
PiL’ ‘’One Drop’ 12″
LPs of the Rough Guides to Psychedelic Africa and New Orleans both on 180grm + download card

TITLE is also boasting 20% OFF VINYL, 20% OFF MUSIC BOOK TITLES, $10 LPs, $10 CDs, + 20% OFF MUSIC DVDS.

So wherever you are in this big country, head on out to your local independent and celebrate the joy of music.

Long live physical media!

For now, let me leave you with a little Levon…



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4 responses to “Wake Up! It’s Record Store Day

  1. Love records – mine all got wrecked in a flood (well the covers did – the records themselves are not all stuffed) – I plan to get them all back if I can find them. Happy hunting 🙂

  2. Graham, have you seen It Might Get Loud? They (Jimmy Page, The Edge and Jack White) finish the film with this song. It’s an awesome film–one has a serious case of manlove for The Edge. And Jimmy.

    • gnunn

      i haven’t seen it, but have heard wonderful things. for some more guitar heaven, check out my recent eight trails, one path post. the playing on this album is sublime.

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