Goodbye, Jimmy Little

Yesterday, the world lost one of it’s gentle souls… Jimmy Little, the first indigenous musician in Australia to score a top 10 hit, passed away in his sleep aged 75. I, like many others, came to Jimmy through his first covers album, Messenger back in the late 90’s. His versions of Under the Milky Way and Cattle and Cane gave these legendary songs a new lease of life. Here’s Jimmy covering Cattle and Cane:

Rest easy Jimmy…



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4 responses to “Goodbye, Jimmy Little

  1. His wife Marge died not long before Christmas also. One of my blog friends Stafford used to work with Jimmy Little – he wrote a tribute and a poem on his blog for him

  2. I really appreciate you providing this information since I’m not familiar with his work…will have to do some research now…thanks.

    • gnunn

      Jimmy will remain a vital voice in this country… am happy his voice is crossing over to your side of the world Charles.

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