Time to ‘Think Big’

As many of you know, I had the privilege of traveling to three locations in this vast state of ours – Roma, Townsville & Cairns – as part of Arts Queensland’s consultation process for the new writing strategy. Since my travels, I have been thinking big about the future of writing; imagining new ways for writers to connect and exploring opportunities for writers that are currently going untapped.

My final blog post as part of the engagement, Thinking Forward, Thinking Big has just been published on the AQBlog and I encourage anyone who is interested in the development of writing and the future funding of writing in this state (and nationally) to click on over for a read. And what’s more important, is that we as writers continue the dialogue. So don’t be afraid to make a comment… if we don’t speak, we will not be heard.



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6 responses to “Time to ‘Think Big’

  1. Those collaborative projects sound full of possibility. I especially love The Story Museum–think I will have to visit the UK when it opens in 2014!

  2. Some fantastic ideas there Graham πŸ™‚

    • gnunn

      Thanks Gabe, I would love to get my hands on some unused spaces.. imagine being able to rejuvenate a space like Skate Arena! Burned down at the end of the Joh era and left as an eyesore. It could house some amazing stories…

      • That would be awesome (can’t believe it is still there and not developed) – remember skating there years ago – you’d have a bit of a fight on your hands with council regulations I could imagine, given the place might fall around your heads at any given moment! But I’m sure there are other ‘roadworthy’ vacant premises that could be borrowed.

  3. Barbara Temperton

    Its sad to know that while believers like you, Graham, are out in the community, working hard, and exploring these new options for writers and writing, that the Qld govenrment is flat out closing the doors of opportunity and support. For example: cancelling the Qld Literary Awards. Keep the faith!

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