Bits & Pieces: Cassady’s Denver Years, Call for Zines, QPF Poet-in-Residence & a shot of Fahey

Have been happily trawling the interwebs and have some gold that is worth sharing this fine Sunday.

First up, I came across this courtesy of Issa’s Untidy Hut. For all you Beat fanatics, this new documentary, Neil Cassady: The Denver Years is an absolute must watch. It features interviews with Carolyn Cassady, Lawrence Ferlinghetti & many others. You can watch it here on Colorado Public Television.


If you are a zine maker, then you need to know of this wonderful opportunity! The good folk at dotdotdash are doing something very special to celebrate their 10th issue. The project is titled Fingerprint and it will take the place of thewir usual submissions process. Rather than submitting creative writing or art to the magazine, people are invited to submit a zine of their own making. Each copy of Fingerprint, instead of a magazine, will be a package filled with a unique combination of zines. Sounds wonderful… you can read more about the project here.


Arts QLD recently announced that poetic innovator, a.rawlings will take up the post of Poet-in-Residence at The Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts this winter. As part of her residency, a.rawlings will be exploring the state to harvest some of our unique sounds and images as part of her Sound Poetry and Visual Poetry Project. If you live somewhere in QLD that you think a.rawlings should be visiting, then she is inviting you to complete the survey below and email your responses:


I’m thrilled to visit Brisbane this winter as the Queensland poet in residence. During my tenure, I’ll work in part to create a new project with the working title “Sound Poetry and Visual Poetry.” This project is multidisciplinary and intended to work in a site-specific capacity— harvesting text, sound, and image from locations within Queensland.

In preparation for the project, I’m undertaking preliminary research into potential locations, sights, species, and sounds that may hold relevance. I’m interested in learning from locals what, in the Queensland environment, holds personal relevance for you. This is less a request as a foreigner to know what sites to visit, and more a request to know what resonates with you as ‘Queensland,’ ‘home,’ ‘real,’ ‘escape,’ and/or quintessential within the region. If you have time, I’d love to receive an e-mail from you with recommendations relating to any of the following.

·         Landscapes or landmarks. What, if any, are particular landscapes or landmarks within Queensland that speak to you? Why (optional)?
·         Soundscapes or soundmarks. What, if any, are sounds for which you hold a particular affinity? Why (optional)?
·         Species. What, if any, plant or animal species hold significance for you? Why (optional)?
·         Cartography. Occasionally, I meet people with strong affinities for maps appeal to their aesthetics and associations with a particular place. Is there any specific map that has personal resonance for you? This could range from geographic (topography, aerial, geology, etc.) to historical, linguistic. Could be mass-produced or hand-drawn. Anything goes.
·         Is there anything else you’d like to recommend to me?

Thank you so much for considering my request. I look forward to visiting Brisbane in the coming months. Hopefully we will have an opportunity to meet through one of the literary events.

With warmth,


Please send responses to angela at anarcheologia(at)

Here’s a video of a.rawlings improvising in Djupavik’s old herring factory in 2010.


And finally, here’s a shot of the legendary John Fahey, described by Pete Townshend as doing for guitar what Burroughs did for literature. This is some classic footage of Fahey playing Red Pony.


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One response to “Bits & Pieces: Cassady’s Denver Years, Call for Zines, QPF Poet-in-Residence & a shot of Fahey

  1. very the atmosphere in that old factory and cool guitar playing as well..could listen for hours..

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