Knowing when to stop… Watts on Haiku

For anyone with even a passing interest in haiku, this lecture by Zen master Alan Watts is nothing short of enlightening. In fact, for any artist wanting to clear their head, Watts’ is refreshingly direct and profound. So sit back, empty your cup and drink in the wisdom.

Here is a poem from my morning walk…

without a thought
for tomorrow – dragonflies
in wheel formation



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13 responses to “Knowing when to stop… Watts on Haiku

  1. I’ve read many of Alan’s books. He led an amazing, and quite controversial life. My famous quote of his: “To each their own weird.” The other advice he gave which rang true to me had to do with LSD. If you make the call, and someone answers, there’s no longer a need to wonder if the phone works.

    May God continue to guide and bless your journey! Peace, UT πŸ™‚

  2. Thanks for sharing this lecture with us…and your poem.

  3. Every time you blog about Zen I get confused. πŸ˜€

  4. Vuong Pham

    thanks, I needed that

  5. This is super. I’m listening to it a little at a time. Thanks for posting it here.

  6. Re. dragonflies – don’t they call that the ‘wheelbarrow’?? x

  7. Artlessness … wow … what a goal to aim for. Yes. x

  8. Jen

    Thank you for posting this lecture, Graham; I love Alan Watts. Classic quote there: ‘…the mystery and yet obvious thusness of things is clear…’

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