Valentines Day Mix Tape

Just yesterday I was reminiscing with friends about the love and attention that went into putting together a mix tape. Sadly, burning tracks to CD to create a playlist just doesn’t have the same warmth… But never fret, let’s celebrate this February 14, with a mini-mix tape of tracks that continue to hit me square in the heart. So, spike yourself on this cupid, here’s this Lost Shark’s Valentines Day Mix-Tape!

Side A:

Here Comes My GirlTom Petty and The Heartbreakers

Nothing like opening the set with that big Petty jangle… this was the song that was playing when my gorgeous wife walked down the aisle. Nothing more special than that!

Just Like HeavenDinosaur Jr.

From jangle to fuzz… The Cure’s original is amazing, but when Dino gave it a fuzzed-out overhaul it took on a whole new meaning. And the clip is enough to put a smile on a slab of concrete!

Deep WatersDirty Three

This makes my heart swell to bursting. So much passion, so much warmth… one for those long lazy mornings in bed.

Side B:

Straight To YouNick Cave and The Bad Seeds

Cave shoots bolt straight when he sings, ‘For the sea will swallow up the mountains / And the sky will throw thunder-bolts and sparks / Straight at you’. And to steal a line… I am captured.

Live With MeTwilight Singers

Lanegan’s voice is a sexy rumble and Dulli’s harmony is like treacle. That’s right, I’ve been thinking about you baby

Come On In My KitchenRobert Johnson

This song has that touch of fire, that little bit of danger… You just know when they come together in that kitchen, the sparks are gonna fly. An absolute classic!


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8 responses to “Valentines Day Mix Tape

  1. A very enjoyable mix for this Valentine’s Day…thanks!

  2. good shit. i agree with every song. thanks !

  3. I enjoyed this so much. Thanks for compiling it!

  4. “Come On In My Kitchen” has always been a white-hot sexy song to my mind, but she is long gone.

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