FreeVerse: Page meets Stage

Next Wednesday night, I will be hitting the stage with Brisbane’s sonic mistress, Pascalle Burton as part of the inaugural, FreeVerse event, emceed by the wild and wonderful Ghostboy. Pascalle and I will be trading words, letting our poems rub up against each other so that they create their own spontaneous dialogue! And we both have a little surprise in store for the audience in the form of a cover version. Yes, Pascalle has given one of my poems a little sonic makeover and I have reworked one of her poems in a way that may just free the inner performer in the most unusual way… Intrigued? Well, I look forward to seeing you all next Wednesday night, February 15 as we light up the Red Box at State Library.

And to leave you, here’s one of Pascalle’s aural texts to light up your night:


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8 responses to “FreeVerse: Page meets Stage

  1. Lee-Anne Davie

    Will be there with bells on!! LA xx

  2. Oh! Wow! Wow! Wow! As usual, all the good stuff is going on in Brisbane!

  3. Wish I could be there…but cannot get away for the vacation right now.

  4. Love the poster – I am sure it will be a hoot so enjoy!

  5. woohooo..that’s just awesome…wish i could be there….have fun!!!!

  6. Will there be some audio/video available afterwards??

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