The Old Ideas of Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen is back with a new album and that ‘golden voice’ has all the warmth and crackle of a needle dropped on good vinyl. In fact, his age-worn baritone sounds like it is plumbing the depth of the human spirit, at times, so still and sonorous that you can feel each breath. The arrangements are sparse, allowing the glorious instrument that is Cohen’s voice to carry the weight of the album; each rasped syllable, etching its mark in the listener’s psyche. Old Ideas may not chart new ground, but Cohen’s path is guaranteed to lead you through the wasteland of existence to a truly intimate interior.

The Guardian currently has the album available to stream in its entirety, so without any further ramblings, here’s the Old Ideas of one of the greatest poet / folksingers of our time.


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2 responses to “The Old Ideas of Leonard Cohen

  1. O man.

    and i didn’t even know. is it available already to purchase?

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