The Far North

Sitting at a computer screen in a Cairns hotel, heat and the sound of bats soaking into my every pore, I am feeling very privileged. The last two days have been spent talking to writers in Townsville and Cairns about some of the challenges they are facing and their vision for the future of writing in their region and beyond. There is great passion in the hearts of the many writers and groups in both areas and it is this that fills me with hope for a bright writing future. I will be mulling over my time here in the next few days and will post my thoughts on the experience early next week on the Arts QLD Blog. But for now, here’s a poem from the trip…

bats in flight
the mango tree takes
on a new shape



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8 responses to “The Far North

  1. What a beautiful bat-stream covering the horizon. Your poem complements it well!

  2. Enjoyed the poem…but that’s a lot of bats in the sky there. πŸ˜‰

  3. haha – I imagine it does if that many bats were involved πŸ˜‰

  4. Evocative poem for me, as I grew up in North Qld with the chattering, clatter of the bats heading out every sunset. Loved it.

  5. Great photo and I love what your ku adds to the atmosphere.

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