In the fire with A.A. Bondy

Tonight I am off to The Powerhouse to catch A.A. Bondy’s final Australian show. His music is a recent discovery for me, but a very welcome one. I was on my regular monthly trawl through the hordes of music reviews in print and online and read somewhere that Bondy’s latest album Believers, sounded as if Mogwai’s, Come On Die Young had a head on collision with Springtseen’s Nebraska on a deserted highway at midnight. From there I was hooked…

Here’s a taste of Bondy magic, Down In The Fire (Lost Sea)


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4 responses to “In the fire with A.A. Bondy

  1. love his voice…and the music is soothing…just what i need today..thanks graham..

  2. I hadn’t heard of this Bondy bloke before reading this post. It’s rare that I listen to a song on-line all the way through to the end, but I certainly listened to ‘Down in the Fire’ to the very last note. Being a Mogwai fan, I’ll be checking out this guy.

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