Big-Sky Writing

Last Monday I took a drive out into the big-sky country of Western QLD, stopping at Roma to speak with a dedicated group of local writers about their vision for the future of writing in our state. The discussion was rich and it was wonderful to see such a self-sufficient and supportive community. An in depth account of my travels is now live on the Arts QLD Blog, so I invite you all to click on over and have a read.

Two significant issues came up through our discussion – distribution and audience development. Digital publishing and stronger partnerships with festivals were two of the solutions discussed, but we would love to hear from you as to how you think these issues could be effectively addressed. Change only happens when we lend our voice to the discussion, so I look forward to hearing from many of you over at the AQ Blog.

And to close, here’s another poem that emerged on the drive home…

long road
the smell of the herd trembling
in the cattle train


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2 responses to “Big-Sky Writing

  1. The smell of fear – that haiku is spot on. That’s a long drive to Roma! I love the ‘big sky’ country out west. Good to see some outreach to these rural areas – I am sure they appreciate having an opportunity to discuss the issues that are relevant to them.

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