January Pin-Up Week #3: new work from Michelle Dicinoski

Fridays… staying up late, the tinkle of gin on ice and Pin-Up-Poets… what could be better! This week we get a glimpse of some exciting new work from our January Pin-Up, Michelle Dicinoski.


I believe you have started some new work recently. Have any themes started to develop? And can you shed some light on how a poem happens for you…

I’ve been writing non-fiction almost exclusively for the last year or two, so it’s been difficult to start writing poems again. More difficult than I had hoped! I am just rediscovering my poetry process, and for me poems happen very slowly. Probably 95% of my writing is revision, so I will write something, and then revise numerous times, over months and sometimes years. But this year I am also hoping to shake up my approach a little, experiment more, and see what happens. It’s way too soon to talk about themes. But I have noticed that dreams and insects seem to be coming up a lot. God knows what that means.


Pink Cities

You say you sleep with movie stars
and fly with rocket boots.
Circling pink cities
you drink margaritas from a backpack
with a straw that’s worn as spectacles.
Living the dream, my friend.

Maybe that’s all you remember.
Or maybe it’s a cover story.
Listen, do you really know
what goes on in that head of yours?
Nights, you spend eight hours
unconscious in the theme park.
Mornings, you pick yourself up
at the chain-link gate
throat sore from screaming
pockets free of keys and change and
before you can make out their faces
all your companions flee into the street
on footfalls like fists to a pillow.

From the kitchen, the smell of coffee,
the low buzz of radio.
The sweet relief of a warm body
yours, someone else’s,
and one more morning.


Michelle will be featured in the Arts section of Brisbane News next week, so be sure to check out the issue online.


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2 responses to “January Pin-Up Week #3: new work from Michelle Dicinoski

  1. 95% revision..wow..i envy your patience michelle…but after reading your poem, i think it’s time well invested..enjoyed it a lot
    thanks graham for introducing us to her

  2. So glad to read I’m not the only one who takes a while writing a poem, the Bukowski / Kerouac style proliferation of poems too far out of reach. Agree with Claudia, after reading Pink Cities, the time spent has paid great dividends.

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