Poetic Opportunity – Triptych Poets Series

The good folk at Blemish Books are now welcoming submissions for their highly successful Triptych Poets Series, which publishes three contemporary voices alongside each other, much like the classic Penguin Modern Poets series did some years ago.

Submissions should include a suite of 15 – 25 poems (max 40 A4 pages), with the majority of the poems having been previously unpublished. For the full details, check out the guidelines. It’s a fantastic opportunity, so best of luck polishing up those poems…

Here’s a great review by Mark William Jackson of Triptych Poets #2, to give you all a taste of the work inside, and better still, if you want to get a sense of what the editors are looking for, why not pick up a copy of Issue #1 & #2 their bookstore.



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2 responses to “Poetic Opportunity – Triptych Poets Series

  1. oh nice..will check the link later..

  2. thanks Graham – that sounds and looks way cool – i will try to give it a tray…

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