12 months of vinyl with Joyful Noise

Remember flexi discs? Those beautiful little one sided, thin vinyl records that would often come as inserts in magazines, hell, some were even distributed in cereal boxes. They were once a popular way of releasing often rare material. So, what if someone was to say, I’ll post you a flexi disc of unreleased material from some of the worlds finest independent artists; think… Lou Barlow, Tortoise, Akron Family, Deerhoof, Of Montreal; every month, including original artwork, designed specifically for each band for just $7USD anywhere in the world.

And to make it extra special, let you know that the only way to hear these songs is be one of the 500 people who sign up to have them sent out; that they will NOT be made available digitally or released in other formats.

If, like me, this sounds like a great way to hear some new music throughout the year, then you need to head on over to Joyful Noise and sign yourself up. I am sure the 500 will be snapped up quickly… I know I have mine!

It also got me thinking that this would be a great way to distribute poetry… a tastefully designed 12 page booklet, featuring limited edition work from a single author, sent out each month on a subscription basis. Wagtail do something similar each year, and they do it very well, but there is such potential to expand the idea… Must ponder this some more.

So while I ponder, why not fill your head with some Deerhoof!



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4 responses to “12 months of vinyl with Joyful Noise

  1. definitely worth pondering it.. i think it’s a great idea

  2. Love the concept…how many people still have disc players? Pondering…

  3. I would definitely subscribe to 12 months of poetry. It’s a great idea. I already subscribe to several journals and poetry magazines, but there’s something about the really small ones that makes them my favorite kind. Perhaps I pay more attention when there are fewer pages, or maybe they’re easier to stick in a pocket and carry with me.

  4. I think I know what you mean about the flexi disks – I remember getting one, years ago, in Dad’s National Geographic – and it was of whale song (like single record, one sided).

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