Poetry Books of the Year: 2011

It was great to pick up The Australian Review yesterday morning and discover plenty of poetry releases popping their heads up in their annual ‘Best Of’ picks for the year.

Literary giant, J.M. Coetzee’s selections included, Alice Oswald’s reimagining of The Iliad, Memorial and C.K. Williams’ seventeenth collection of poetry, Wait.

Australian poets, John Kinsella and Robert Gray both selected Gig Ryan’s New and Selected Poems. Individually they selected Kevin Hart’s latest work, Morning Knowledge, the multi award winning debut collection from Mark Tredinnick, Fire Diary and Collected Poems: Hope Mirrlees edited by Sandeep Parmar.

It’s always great scanning ‘Best Of’ lists for gems you may never have heard of, as let’s face it, poetry has such a limited distribution these days, some of the finest writing remains well under the radar. That said, No Tell Poetry is currently hosting a great series of ‘Best Poetry of 2011’ posts which are well worth checking out and I have also put the call out to a handful of poets to select their favourite release of the year, so keep an eye out here for that series in the next week or so… With the new year fast approaching, now is a great time to make that reading list a little longer.



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2 responses to “Poetry Books of the Year: 2011

  1. Vuong Pham

    my house burnt down
    now i can better see
    the rising moon

  2. Kate Jarman

    Kinsella selected Mirrlees, Grey the other titles… the difference might matter.

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