Sounds of 2011 #4: Neverendlessness

Neverendless is the new album from Chicago based space rockers, Cave and it more than lives up to its name. The album is relentless in its urgency: synths slither and drone, guitars come in crashing waves, bass lines chug and the drums are unswervingly driven. This is hook laden, psyched out jamming at its reverb soaked best! Cave are air tight in their delivery, drilling a hole in any notion of stillness. So get ready to move… here’s the swirling, WUJ:



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2 responses to “Sounds of 2011 #4: Neverendlessness

  1. This probably wasn’t best tune to have playing in my head as I crawl into bed…oh well…let’s see what kind of dreams this engenders…thanks for the array of music. 🙂

  2. Love it – great beat (but yeah, could turn into an earworm if you were just off to bed like slpmartin – haha) 🙂

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