Sounds of 2011 #3: Frank Looks West

Frank Fairfield is a 26 year old Californian, who looks and sounds like he just walked out of the 1930’s. In fact, when his songs drift out of the speakers, you could easily close your eyes and imagine you are listening to a lost batch of songs by someone like Fiddlin’ John Carson, one of Fairfield’s heroes. Discovered busking on the streets of LA, Fairfield has now released two albums on the brilliant Tompkins Square record label, and this year’s Out On The Open West, is an almost perfect example of the modern primitive sound Fairfield and other artists like C.W. Stoneking have brought back to younger audiences. So get ready to wail along to this classic cut from Out On The Open West, Poor Old Lance… if you are in Brisbane, Frank’s playing at the Judith Wright Centre tomorrow night!



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3 responses to “Sounds of 2011 #3: Frank Looks West

  1. Made me think of my days at University in southern Ohio.

  2. what i really like is your wide open field of different styles of music you introduce to us.. but what i really want to know…how’s the baby..? smiles

  3. hahaha – very cool – he does not sound or look like a 26 year old 😉 Reminds of how Bob Dylan sounded older when he was younger than when he was older!

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