Sounds of 2011 #2: Juggling Wolves

Today’s sounds come from Dublin seven piece, 3epkano. The band have made it their business to steer clear of the music mainstream, and instead chart a path all their own, making film an equal driving force in their creative process. Their 2011 album, Hans the Reluctant Wolf Juggler, responds to a handful of old silent films, each track providing an undulating sonic landscape for the film to sail on. This is music to unravel to… grand cello flourishes, bass rumbles, raining guitars, electronic blips and lashings of violin. So dim the lights and let it happen… here’s track 3 from Hans, the gorgeously atmospheric, EP Ross.



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5 responses to “Sounds of 2011 #2: Juggling Wolves

  1. Quite a bit different from yesterday’s music that I had with my morning coffee…another good start to the day….thanks!

  2. i agree with charles…very different from yesterday’s sound.. time to dream…smiles…loved it

  3. They are swimming so fast! That video freaked me out a bit because the bit when they are swimming up the river is just like my recurring dream of swimming along the Brisbane river – where I swim really strong and fast (and I’m not a good swimmer in real life).

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