Sounds of 2011 #1: Run the Opposite Way

It’s that time of year when the obligatory ‘best of’ lists start popping up all over the place, so I thought I would shed a little light on some of the sounds that have been filling my head in the best way possible this year. Rather than point to some of the bigger names who have released absolute gems – Bad As Me by Tom Waits and Reverie by Joe Henry to name but two – I am opting to showcase some of the best bands you may never have heard of. So let’s kick things off with Sydney art rockers, Charge Group.

Run – Charge Group

Dynamic riffing, violin plucking and pulsing rhythms drive this song deep into the gut, where it begs to be played on repeat, while the rest of your body finds movement irresistable. It needs to be piped into ‘christmas rush’ shopping centres to create a riot! And the film clip, well it’s up there with my all time favourites: men with sacks on their heads, synchronised dancing and elegantly gritty surrounds. So don’t, as the band say, ‘run the opposite way’, let the bolt of electricity that is Charge Group flow right through you:



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6 responses to “Sounds of 2011 #1: Run the Opposite Way

  1. Bwahahahaha – what a brilliant video and music – that does need to be piped into shopping centres throughout the land. Now I feel like I have a bit of energy – thanks 🙂

  2. Wow…it’s Monday morning here…so this with my morning cup of coffee was a real wake-up for the week…Thanks for the charge! Quite enjoyed the video.

  3. wow…very cool….think i need to do a bit of dancing now…smiles

  4. That’s quite stunning Graham. Thanks. And nice to hear you are a fellow Joe Henry fan – he is my current musical obsession.

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