Mt Gravatt Mountain Ginko

Last Sunday our wonderful haiku group met at the summit of Mt Gravatt Mountain, a place where I misspent many a day of my school years, for our final ginko of 2011. The mercury was soaring and I was thankful for the small offering of shade from my old straw hat… it was summer come early and you can feel the heat rising in many of these fine poems…


a different call
on each branch

Lyndon Norton


a white man
with tribal tattoos
place of the echidna

Chris Lynch

snog hill
taking the southern

Tiggy Johnson


walking in thongs
along the track
every stick slithers

Andrew Phillips


wind shifts
the invasive fern
holds its ground

Trish Reid

no breeze
just the beat
of butterfly wings

Cindy Keong


aged sundial
too old
to tell

Lee-Anne Davie


scarlet flowers
climb the razor wire
‘authorised persons only’

Corrie Macdonald

passing bikes
soft breeze dries
my perspiration

Lyne Marshall


clouds drift
across the city
a hundred thousand backyards

Rebekah Woodward

photography by Cindy KeongΒ 



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5 responses to “Mt Gravatt Mountain Ginko

  1. When you read them altogether it creates a real atmosphere and impression – well done. Especially love the ones from Andrew Phillips, and Lee Ann Davie (and Tiggy’s – following her usual theme – hahaha). You’re a year ahead of yourself Graham (final ginko of 2012) – but that is to be expected πŸ˜‰

  2. Nice roll Graham. The first one and the butterfly were specialy wonderful for me. Glad you enjoyed that

  3. Love all the different perspectives that in the whole tell a tale of the afternoong – the sundial haiku is wonderful – an image of lichen-mottled ageing

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