Brunswick St ginko, Issa’s Untidy Hut & other haiku happenings

There’s been a flurry of haiku activity of late, so here’s a bit of a roundup:

This week, I was one of the Wednesday haiku poets over at Issa’s Untidy Hut along with Bruce Hodder and the mighty Issa himself. You can read the poems here

I have also recently had a handful of haiku published in vol 18: no. 3 of the beautifully produced South X Southeast Haiku & Haiku Arts Journal. If you have never had a look you can do so here.

And just in time for Christmas, the Third Australian Haiku Anthology has just been released by paper wasp. I also have a selection of haiku published in this anthology, which celebrates the vibrant Australian haiku voice. You can read more about the anthology and order copies here.

And finally, here is a selection of poems written as part of last Sunday’s Ginko through Fortitude Valley. I was not able to be there, but these poems bring the ‘Valley’ to life for anyone who has never taken a walk through one of Brisbane’s iconic inner city suburbs.

And tomorrow, we are off to Southbank for another perfect haiku morning…

valley markets
in the mirror
a girl writes her thoughts

Lee-Anne Davie


under a tree
a man contemplates
a parking meter

Lyndon Norton


longevity bench
an old man
smokes a packet

Andrew Phillips

stone sunflowers
in perpetual bloom
cheap lease

Rebekah Woodward


discount massages
the masseuse uses
only one hand

Cindy Keong


morning market
the colours
of a hangover

Tiggy Johnson

2 for $3
or $2 each
plastic buddhas

Chris Lynch


last coins
the old woman feeds
her hunger

Trish Reid


ibis stalk
the city street
wary shoppers

Corrie MacDonald


photography by Cindy Keong


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3 responses to “Brunswick St ginko, Issa’s Untidy Hut & other haiku happenings

  1. Wow, congrats on all the publications – I will have a read soon. The Valley haiku are spot on – Tiggy’s brings back memories of one of the worst hangovers I ever had and I had to go into the Valley for Yum Cha early in the morning with some friends (oh dear – not good – can never look Yum Cha in the face again).

  2. Vuong Pham

    stripper joint
    she says she loves me
    at the $5 entry booth

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