City Botanic Gardens Ginko

Here’s last Sunday’s haiku harvest from our ginko around Brisbane’s City Botanic Gardens. It was a rolling Spring day where the only colour that remained certain in the sky was the purple of Jacaranda blossoms.

on the path
crow throws a sideways look
I know! I know!

(Trish Reid)


photographing flowers
the eye of a curlew
fills the lens

(Cindy Keong)

fig tree
a quick root
against the wall

(Tiggy Johnson)


family picnic
a jacaranda
provides the blanket

(Lyndon Norton)

mangrove forest
passing bikes tremble
the bridge

(Lyne Marshall)


river surges
twenty masts
sway in agreement

(Corrie Macdonald)


in the flower garden all the names I never learned

(Chris Lynch)

photohgraphy by Cindy Keong



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4 responses to “City Botanic Gardens Ginko

  1. Lee-Anne Davie

    Again, such sensational haiku

  2. Could really sense the ‘passing bikes’….very fine series of poems.

  3. Good stuff! Tiggy warned me she had another 😉 one – bwhahahahaha

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