fooling: a haiku sequence

Sunday was another restless Spring day, the sky constnatly shifting from grey to blue. Again, I had the pleasure of starting the day by leading a ginko around the City Botanic Gardens. Here’s a selection of the haiku I gathered on my travels:

sleeping ducks
and my tired face
between them


still pond
a dragonflies’ silence
and mine

bamboo grove
ants march toward
the sky


you and I
fooling in the leaves
bush turkey

unbuttoning her shirt
spring breeze


in the peepul tree
sharing our poems

photographs by Cindy Keong


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7 responses to “fooling: a haiku sequence

  1. Lee-Anne Davie

    A sensational sequence.

  2. Really lovely, especially the ending. In July/August, I ran every morning at the Botanic Gardens while I was staying in the CBD. So much to take in there, and these vignettes bring it all back.

  3. Enjoyed this sequence of poems…my favorite was #4 fooling.

  4. beautiful…my fav is the one with the sleeping ducks…and i so envy you that it’s spring in your part of the world..

  5. Wonderful series – my favourite is the bamboo grove one 🙂

  6. Cool. Love the ‘peepul’ tree and the bush turkeys. Sweet.

  7. Rachael Briggs

    These are great. Love the bush turkey surprise.

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