For Always

                for Jules

spring moon
between her teeth
the grape bursts


It’s under a week now until our ‘little lost shark’ is due to arrive… so much anticipation! And this afternoon, we are off to the wedding of my guitar wielding partner, Sheish Money. So yes, there is alot of love in me at the moment. And for that, here’s a song that I have been flogging lately. Jules may have gone back to the 90’s, but I have taken things a decade further… Enjoy!


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7 responses to “For Always

  1. Thank goodness for the internet once again–another great song I would not have heard of otherwise!
    Maybe the baby will come on my own birthday, Nov 2, which is also All Souls’ Day, something I’ve always thought much cooler than the All Saints’ Day that proceeds it 🙂 Of course, babies seem to have their own arrival schedules, so enjoy the countdown to whatever day turns out to be the big one.

  2. So baby could arrive any time now (Michael was 2 weeks early) 🙂 How exciting for you both. Terrific haiku (a hint of a birthing metaphor hiding in that one).

  3. Well…a new little lost shark….looks like the writing community has years of wonder poems to look foreward to. 😉

  4. lovely haiku, lovely song and excited to hear about the baby..wishing you all the best…mine are 17, 19 and 20..but will never forget the last days of waiting for them to be born…magical..

  5. Lee-Anne Davie

    A lovely time for you both. Blanket is coming along in readiness for the little man. Best wishes for a very smooth birth and delightful time.

  6. Sheish is getting married ..?!? Yay! Give them both my love. They are the most beautiful couple … And all the best with your baby, too. x

  7. All the best over the next week and for the future; your life will never be the same as you are sent spinning into a kaleidoscope of wonderful memories.

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