for Ashley

spring rain
cascading through
the melaleuca
clear notes
of the bellbird




Filed under poetry

5 responses to “Bellbird

  1. Thank you, Graham! Lovely piece. The image of cascading is exactly right. Their song does sound like a spilling out, the way it comes down and fills all the space around the listener. I don’t know whether it was the acoustics or something else, but at the D’Aguilar it seemed like a radio had been switched on. I wish we had them here in Oklahoma.

  2. Wow…that’s one tall tree…and the sound of the Bellbird with the poem was just great…thanks!

  3. this is stunning, how lovely to read and to hear. the bell sound is astonishing!

  4. Wonderful sounds and poem – no wonder they are called the Bell bird.

  5. A breath of beautiful fresh air in your words, Graham – their notes are just as you have painted – so crisp, clear and refreshing to the ear

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