Kurilpa Bridge Ginko

Last Sunday a group of us set off from the State Library of QLD across the Kurilpa Bridge on our first Spring ginko. Was a gorgeous Spring day that sparked many fine haiku. Here’s a handful of them along with some stunning photographs by Cindy Keong. This Sunday, we are off to City Botanic Gardens… can’t wait!


city expressway
swallows race
ahead of traffic

Cindy Keong


cats purring
at her feet Kuril tosses
her knitting bag

John Wainwright

silent couple
the space between them
too wide for hands

Corrie Macdonald


white shirt
high in the mangroves
summer river

Rebekah Woodrow

sunday service
bikes chain themselves
in rows

Trish Reid


peeing a mosquito out of the urinal

Andrew Phillips

rising moon
nappy change
in the park

Tiggy Johnson


on a bridge
on either side
a bridge

Chris Lynch


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9 responses to “Kurilpa Bridge Ginko

  1. What a witty bunch of poets!

  2. Vuong Pham

    Very nice collection, the wee made me laugh. Hopefully I can join you guys next time.

    • gnunn

      thanks vuong. get on to the good folk at qwc if you want to come along mate. and let me know if you get it sorted so i can let you know where we are meeting up!

  3. Really enjoyed these…my personal favorite was the one by Corrie Macdonald.

  4. they’re all beautiful – each capturing a tiny piece of city spring and makes me see and feel it…so cool to be on the way with a bunch of poets..

  5. Fabulous collection – particularly moved πŸ˜‰ by Tiggy’s irreverent ku – haha

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