chasing the wind: a spring haiku sequence

On Sunday, I lead my first Spring ginko (haiku walk) around the gorgeous State Library/Gallery of Modern Art precinct and over the Kurilpa Bridge. Here are a few haiku I brought back from my travels… and I will have the pleasure of featuring the work of my fellow walkers over the coming days.

                                                             spring river
                                                             only this path
                                                             to follow

                                                             following a wind
                                                             blown skirt
                                                             every eye

                                                             the way a boy chases
                                                             the breeze

                                                             after each ferry
                                                             the shhhh
                                                             of mangroves

photography by Cindy Keong



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12 responses to “chasing the wind: a spring haiku sequence

  1. you took me right back to sydney with this graham…i was there in november for a month and these trees were blossoming and i just loved it…oh..would like to go back..feel kinda homesick now..beautiful haiku

  2. As Caludia notes…these are beautiful….I am looking forward to trip there some time soon.

  3. lovely and completely transportive, as ‘ere we enter late fall, inspires me to look ahead and think back. just lovely thank you

  4. Wonderful, especially that last one 🙂 One of the best parts of Brisbane – the art gallery, museum, south bank etc., – just love it.

  5. Beautiful and inspiring! The first Haiku I find amazingly serene and powerful, really great..

  6. Vuong Pham

    shhhh haha love it

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