first the black notes
then the white
calling up the sun


For those of you who have not had the pleasure of hearing a magpie sing…


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18 responses to “Magpie

  1. jb

    love your latino boxing elvis!

  2. Ah thanks…the video helped me with the poem since I have not heard a magpie sing.

  3. wonderful, the black notes and the white calling and the image and sound of the magpie, it all fit together for a magical feeling and outstanding how the sound is echoed in the words

  4. Exactly what the magpie call is like – a kind of unfolding of sound. Bravo!

  5. Very much like the little poem.

    My girlfriend has a daily visit from a magpie – for company, not for a swoop.

  6. wow this sounds very special…we don’t have them over here in your poem too…first the black notes then the white..nice..

  7. Black and white notes – perfect little poem 🙂 The sound of the magpie singing would have to be one of the most relaxing and wonderful things – always reminds me of the sound of flowing water for some reason.

  8. Rachael Briggs

    I’ve been following along, enjoying both the birds and the Poetry Week profiles. I think the magpie is my favourite of the birds so far, because you’ve got the rhythm of the call right, and the colours of the notes pick up on the colours of the feathers.

    • gnunn

      Thanks Rachael. Great to have you stop by and glad you have been enjoying the birds and the Writers Week posts. Hope to catch up soon,

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