Poems, poems, everywhere …

The letterbox can bring such joy! Today, I received my copy of Pan Magazine(Issue #2), which features four poems from the divine Sawako Nakayasu and poems from Ashley Capes, Fiona Wright and Neil Boyack as well as short fiction from A.S. Patric, reviews and lots of other arts & literary goodies.

And sitting just below my copy of Pan Magazine, was my copy of Island



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5 responses to “Poems, poems, everywhere …

  1. almost nothing is as good as getting poems into the mail box. and even better when your appears in the pile…

  2. Congrats Graham. I’ll have to get the Pan one – it’s got some of my favourite bloggers in it – haha. It is terrible what is happening around Australia regarding the funding of print magazines – I heard that Idiom was going to only have one more print edition as well. It’s all happening very quickly.

  3. Vuong Pham

    Very nice Graham. I also recently saw your White Crane song on ‘Going Down Swinging’ mag. I love that poem- it’s truly inspirational.

  4. Good stuff Graham. I’ll add them to the shopping list.

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