QLD Writers Week

QLD Writers Week (October 10 – 16) is just around the corner and there is plenty happening all across the state as part of the celebrations. I will be hosting a series of posts from some mighty fine QLD Poets all next week, focussing on the role of place in poetry and I will also be stepping out with some haiku lovers to run a Ginko on Sunday October 16 to bring the week to a close. The full program is now online here, so be sure to check it out and see what is happening in your neck of the woods!

To get into the spirit, I will leave you with a haiku…


                                                                                          low tide
                                                                                          mangroves stand in pools
                                                                                          of themselves


Filed under events & opportunities, poetry

3 responses to “QLD Writers Week

  1. wow – lots of cool things going on in your part of the world..eh..? love your haiku..

  2. The mangrove is a unique plant indeed!

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