The Back Room’s All-Star Menu: featuring B. R. Dionysius

Next Wednesday, September 28, The Back Room at Confit Bistro (4/9 Doggett St, Fortitude Valley) serves up its final helping of live art for 2011, with an all star menu, visual art by Olivia Shale and Tricia Reust, the vibrant sounds of avant-garde performance-poet musician-lady, Pascalle Burton, the blues rumble of Sheish Money & this Lost Shark, the exciting announcement of the two poets who will grace the pages of Brisbane New Voices III and chef Jason Peppler’s cutting edge cuisine. We are also thrilled to have, founding Director of the Queensland Poetry Festival, B. R. Dionysius featuring as part of the closing night celebrations.

Brett has won many awards, including the 2009 Max Harris Poetry Award. A chapbook, The Negativity Bin was published by PressPress in 2010 and his latest chapbook, The Curious Noise of History was released by Picaro Press in 2011. He lives in Ipswich, Queensland where he teaches English and writes sonnets.



What can you tell of a father from his timepiece?
The expandable band was German steel, tough
& worn with equal pride. Mini-springs folded like
Tank track over the terrain of his hand when slid
Up his wrist. He was armed with life’s ID bracelet.
Swiss made, the Lauris signified otherworld elegance
Amid wheat stubble heartland. Old Europe ticked
Adrenaline quick, as clocks converted young crops.
The date stuck on the 18th refusing to budge like the
Recollection of his candle’s blue flame. The length
Of a monarch’s reign separates them now. If only
Memory were precise as his watch that, once wound,
Ran forward in time, as if its last thirty years in a box,
Had been an eye blink & their grief, a speck of grain.


Here’s the details for the weekly planner… and remember, this is the last gig for quite a few months, so come on out and raise a glass to what has been a superb year of events!

Where: Confit Bistro, 4/9 Doggett St, Fortitude Valley
Date: Wednesday September 28
Time: 6pm doors for a 6:30pm start
Entry: Free

To book your seat, call 3254 4001 or email or drop me a message in the comments box below and I will do the rest.

This is going to be a big one, so get in early…


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2 responses to “The Back Room’s All-Star Menu: featuring B. R. Dionysius

  1. Such a precise, tight poem. Love it. The whole collection – The Negativity Bin – looks great. I’m part-way through it. x

    • gnunn

      It’s a great collection huh! I am looking forward to getting a copy of his latest Picaro chapbook. He is most definitely a master of nthe sonnet!

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