Blowing Up The Love Letter w/ Scott-Patrick Mitchell

Black Rider Press have just launched Scott-Patrick Mitchell’s latest collection, his debut ebook, . the tricking post . I was one of the fortunate ones to be sent a copy of this important new work, and this is what I had to say:

This is a warning: scott-patrick mitchell’s . the tricking post . shows us directions the letter can take. the letters within rupture the limitations of the eye and the strictures of the poetic form. whether it be the voice of the trickster, the voice of shakespeare, poe or god, the words that spill forth are infinitely figurative. his dancing syllables resound far beyond the pages that contain them.

There have been many other fine people offer their words, including John Kinsella:

“SPM’s . the tricking post . outrages the private space of the love-letter by making it street art, and street art as poetry of the page. Why outrage? Try out rage. It is a rage of address. To whom does one address one’s desire, one’s need, one’s love? He reinvests the love-letter, making the message a connection that ravages textuality and renders it intimate, sassy, and a truly direct line of address. The ‘recipient’ becomes active by implication. Though he has moments that bring to mind Gertrude Stein’s Lifting Belly with its ‘fierce and tender’ arousal of language and passion, more often SPM deploys contrary words that seem to protest too much, that struggle with the depth of feeling that possibly lost love induces. At a time when language travels in so many ways, adapting and reconfiguring with different modes of communication, SPM catches the zeitgeist crisply and ironically. The essentials remain eternally the same, though, and that’s the key to this poem of sex that ‘fell into love’, of the letter tricking its format and becoming poetry, of the suitor becoming the subject as much as his lover, by the inevitable twisting of words dealing with the self vis-à-vis another, and with the simultaneously collapsing and expanding ‘history’ of artistic expression. This is new ahead of the new.” – John Kinsella

So to get yourself a copy, head to Black Rider Press, then it’s only $1.99 and a click away.

Keep your eyes on this site for my forthcoming interview with SPM. Should be live in just a few days…

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One response to “Blowing Up The Love Letter w/ Scott-Patrick Mitchell

  1. Amanda Joy

    I got my copy last night. It is all things great & gorgeous. Looking forward very much to the interview!


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