Another Lost Shark Interviewed on Verity La

Recently I had the pleasure of chatting with the delightful, Ashley Capes and that chat is now online at Verity La, along with a few pictures from my time spent in (and around) the magical City Lights Book Store in San Francisco. The great news for those of you in the Brisbane area (or thinking of making the pilgrimage), you will be able to see Ashley live at QLD Poetry Festival from August 26 – 28, something that I myself am mighty excited about.

So yes, head on over to Verity La where you can read the complete interview… we talk haiku; putting together a collection; family mythology and other poetic tidbits. Enjoy!



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10 responses to “Another Lost Shark Interviewed on Verity La

  1. as i said by Ash’s place – interesting interview with many points to ponder about and some ideas to put into the poetry picnic’s basket for the road..

  2. Really enjoyed the interview πŸ™‚

  3. I loved the interview, though the photos made me insanely jealous. Likewise with the QPF, would be great to see Ash up there.

    • gnunn

      You would love QPF Mark, so maybe next year… I know I would love to catch up with you and spend the weekend talking poetry.

  4. Note: your Verity La link is not working Graham

  5. Thanks, Graham – it’s going to be great – looking forward to a catch up! And hearing many stories about San Francisco and Canada too

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