Almost Ekka Time!

August is definitely my favourite month of the year. There’s QLD Poetry Festival at the end of the month and starting next week, Brisbane lights up as the Ekka rolls in to town. Working opposite the showgrounds, I have been watching the Ferris Wheel and other rides appear on the skyline during the past fortnight and it has got me bubbling over with excitement. I can already taste that first strawberry sundae…

As always, Sheish Money and I will be hitting the stage to bring a little live poetry to the Ekka, so if you are heading along, make sure you stop by the Heritage Community Stage, where we will be playing from 3:30pm – 4:00pm most days (3:00pm – 3:30pm on August 13 & 14). These gigs are always my favourite of the year… there’s nothing like the boisterous atmosphere of an Ekka crowd to get the heart pumping!

And we will be joined by some very special guests throughout the week, so you just never know who you may see jump up on stage with us!

To top things off, I was told today that a handful of my haiku have been used in an installation in the Ekka’s Dining Room. Here’s some pics:

photography by A. Higgins for ARTISAN

Roll on Thursday August 11… hope to see some of you at the show!



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10 responses to “Almost Ekka Time!

  1. Vuong Pham

    Congrats on the haiku Graham.

  2. the installation is fabulous! absolutely gorgeous, bravo! enjoyed reading/photos about the Ekka celebration, what fun! this is just really great stuff graham, thanks!

  3. that’s fabulous Graham, and nicely done, according to the photos.
    enjoy your August.
    looking forward to Wednesday …

  4. that’s very beautiful to see, isn’t it? πŸ™‚

  5. Carmen Keates

    Graham, those haiku are brilliant. I particularly love “the horse steps over my shadow”. (I wish I had a horse!)

    To think of all the country people at the Ekka who will be recognising their own early mornings in your poems makes me so happy.

    • gnunn

      Thanks Carmen! It made my day when I found out that they were being used for another installation. If you are at the Ekka don’t forget to come along and say hi!

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