Max Ryan vs Kid Sam

Well today is the first of August… so I am now officially counting down the days until QLD Poetry Festival 2011 takes over the Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts from August 26 – 28. So with 26 days to go you may want to consider planning your travel arrangements from wherever you may be, believe me, the line up is that good!

One of the fine Australian poets who will be appearing is Max Ryan. Max and I have had some long, lovely rambles over the years, many of which have been posted on this blog.

Recently Max and I were talking about music, so I asked him about his connection with Kid Sam and what it was like working with them and importantly, whether there are any recordings floating around…

MR: Haven’t worked with Kid Sam that much; several times I’ve performed (funny word that) in Melbourne with a fairly loose array of musos including Kieran and Kishore. Thing about Kid Sam is they’re family, of course, with all that goes with that. They’re both superb players and I think Kieran is already one of the best singer-songwriters in this country.

This recording of Hunter is, alack, the only record I have of a piece I did with just Kid Sam a few years back at Kishore’s final recital of his music course at NMIT in Melbourne. It’s pretty rough and probably goes on too long but it really went off on the night. It’s totally improvised with all of us just jamming on a few phrases I’d already come up with (some, I confess, stolen from Walt Whitman). The thing for me was I eventually turned the lines into a villanelle, Before we lose each other again; the villanelle being, as you know, a highly musical form.

ALS: You can listen to the full recording of Max & Kid Sam performing Hunter here. And it’s something else! Kid Sam create a wild, blissed-out storm while Max drops lines into the air… it might just take your breath.



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2 responses to “Max Ryan vs Kid Sam

  1. typingspace

    kid sam’s album is modern classic. great link.

  2. sheish

    Good fences make good neighbours, good friends make good music…but family is somethin else again.
    Cant wait to see Max at QPF. I know that that will be taking breaths out of chests

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