The latest release from Another Lost Shark Publications is…

That’s right, in between trips to Vancouver & San Francisco, becoming expecting parents and various other pursuits, my lovely wife and I have been hard at work on the next release for Another Lost Shark Publications – Stolen Moments, by acclaimed Irish singer-songwriter, Andy White. And we are excited to announce that it arrived early this week and looks spectacular! So stay tuned for more details over the next couple of weeks, as Andy will be launching the book at QLD Poetry Festival on Saturday August 27. For now, here’s a sneak preview of the cover:

Ah yes, books are a thing of beauty… a big thank you to Marcel Schwartz for his work on the cover.



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10 responses to “The latest release from Another Lost Shark Publications is…

  1. Impressive! There’s no way I could walk past that cover without picking it up.

  2. Great news Graham, but you really are a pair of over achievers!

  3. This is a gorgeous cover! Bravo. x

  4. That is a fantastic cover, will definitely grab a copy.

  5. Beautiful cover. Definitely encourages me to look inside!

  6. Vuong Pham

    Wow- this is my kind of book.

  7. Vuong Pham

    I can’t stop looking at the cover haha. Story of my life, I can really relate to it, just by the cover- love it!

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