San Francisco Haiku #1

half moon
in Jack Kerouac Alley
sound of bottle rockets


restaurant window
carp big enough to swallow
you little sparrow


broken string
we pay the busker
for silence




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10 responses to “San Francisco Haiku #1

  1. Vuong Pham

    My favourite is the last one, Graham, made me laugh. Vuong.

  2. I’m not sure why …but the last one made me chuckle…it reminded me of Tom Lehrer’s In Old Mexico.

  3. ghostboy

    dig the last one, hope San Fran is filling the voids x

  4. The last one is funny πŸ™‚ As they say ‘it’s all good’ – you sound like you are having a wonderful trip.

  5. Fantastic, made me feel like I was there with you flaneuring along Jack Kerouac Alley. And a broken string is a terrible thing, but it reminded me – I have a collection of guitar picks from around the world, my Mum was in Cuba earlier this year and bought a pick off of a busker. In Cuba they mostly play with fingernails because of the flamenco style and also because the embargo makes it hard to buy picks. The pick my Mum bought is rough, worn down and well used. Of the hundred odd picks that I have, fixed with blue tack around the doors of the cupboard in my study, this is my favourite.

  6. Love the busker. Wow, the words are spilling from you as you travel! Often the way, hey …? Fresh images, and so on. Enjoy your trip. x

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