Lost Shark Radio #1 – The Paradise Motel, Okkervil River, Explosions in the Sky

I have been swimming in an ocean of great music lately… 2011 has already produced many sparkling gems of albums, so here’s a taste of what has been on high rotation on Lost Shark Radio lately.

The Paradise Motel: I Still Hear Your Voice At Night

This is a darkly romantic album, where loss and distance are always just below the surface. The lyrics are sparse and vulnerable, and much like songwriters such as David McComb, work as fine literature on the page; the instrumentation is ethereal and ominous, building to some heady crescendos. It is a work of complex beauty and rewards repeated listens. 

Okkervil River: I Am Very Far

Front man Will Sheff is one of the finest lyricists currently putting pen to paper. He has the uncanny ability to transform truly dark imagery – A slit throat makes a note like a raw winter wind (The Valley) – into songs that make you want to sing along. The band too are in gut-punching form, building a fiery wall of sound across the album. Here they are live on Letterman performing Rider.

Explosions in the Sky: Take Care, Take Care, Take Care

Explosions are undoubtedly, one of the finest exponents of lush guitar/drum based instrumental music. Their compositions are adventurous, reverberating with e-bow haze, harmonising guitar feedback and driving drums. Each track rises out of its almost-silence into blissed out, sonic soundscapes. This could well be my preferred soundtrack to this seemingly cold winter…


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