Counting Down to 40

So there’s twelve days left of my thirties… 

I was talking with a friend the other night, how my twenties were tumultuous and my thirties, a period of settling, so I am now looking forward to diving deeper into the forties and the start of family life.

To celebrate this year, I am performing at Confit Bistro (4/9 Doggett St, Fortitude Valley) on Wednesday May 25. I will be combining my passions of music and poetry and performing a mix of my own words and the words of some of my favourite rock’n’roll poets… think Bob Dylan, David Berman, Leonard Cohen, Nick Cave. The venue opens at 6pm with all of the live performances starting at 6:30pm. I will, as always, be joined by guitar-slinging poet, Sheish Money as well as Jazz singer, Sarah Collyer and fellow Brisbane poets, David Stavanger, Nathan Shepherdson, Fern Thompsett & Janaka Malwatta. If you are in town and want to come along, then shoot me an email so I can book you a spot.

And as I share a birthday with Bob Dylan, I always find myself reaching for him on the CD rack at this time of year. This year, Bob will enter his seventies and his sixth decade as a performing artist… can’t really imagine life without him.

So as a treat for all you Bob fans, here’s a link to some Dylan rarities… WPKN have put together a great little 15min segment which features A Fool Such As I (with The Band), a souped-up, rockabilly version of Watching The River Flow and two classic covers. First up, Bob rips through the Stones’, Brown Sugar before finishing with a brilliant version of Neil Young’s, Old Man. You can listen to the whole set here. Bob on!


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15 responses to “Counting Down to 40

  1. jb

    you always mention that you share a birthday with dylan but never mention cash and presley’s daughters rosanne and priscilla, patti lebelle, that guy who played radar on mash or tommy chong – yes, tommy chong.

    you’ve got more in common with radar than dylan surely.

  2. the dylan will have to wait til i return form o/s, but hey, that’s a very cool lineup for the post-birthday confit gig! make sure you get a coupla cds off david that i did for yr 4oth! [ one is ‘neroli’ by eno, that is amazing for spreading calm through the air, even when it’s on fire. they play it on repeat in some maternity hospitals in the uk, apparently… 🙂 so…good for babies, middle agers, n old folks.]

    see you on the other side, sir

  3. Jacqueline

    Want teleportation device!

  4. Gee some great people are born in May – haha (my birthday is on Monday) – I am still jealous you share your birthday with Bob Dylan – huh! Life gets better with age – imo – and I’m older than you, so I know these things 😉

  5. Carmen Keates

    You share your birthday with Bob Dylan. That means as you get older, you have to watch the grumpiness level.

    I share my birthday with Marlon Brando. As I get older I have to watch the crackers and dip.

  6. happy birthday graham, with many happy returns!:) Cheers! to you!
    and thanks for being here and sharing these great posts and poetry

  7. bd

    happy birthday G,

    and many more to come, i’m sure. regret i can’t be at Confit on the 25th.

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  9. Nathalie Buckland

    Happy birthday Graham. Thanks for all the poetry and info. I’ll never forget bali and my haiku beginnings – and hanging out with this tall young poet …
    I’ll be 70 in a few months, seems a bit unreal. Have a great 40th and another rich decade.

    • gnunn

      Thanks for the lovely b’day wishes Nathalie. I too will never forget Bali. It was truly magical… utterly life changing. It’s already shaping up to be another rich decade. Much love, Graham

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