Downfall Creek: a haiku sequence

                                                              river stone
                                                              we sit in silence
                                                              as the water babbles


                                                               blue sky
                                                               nose deep
                                                               in a spider’s web


                                                                spot of sunlight
                                                                on the forest floor
                                                                emperor butterfly


                                                                  too wild
                                                                  for these pages
                                                                  autumn violets


                                                                 gentle breeze
                                                                 the bare head
                                                                 of a dandelion


                                                                  on the path
                                                                  of fallen leaves
                                                                  silence returns


                                                                               photographs by Cindy Keong


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6 responses to “Downfall Creek: a haiku sequence

  1. That’s a really nice sequence, Graham.

  2. Vuong

    Loved the dandelion and the silence of the path

  3. Lovely sequence of images and poems.

  4. Excellent haiku – esp. love the one with the violets 😉

  5. Sarah

    The fallen leaf and silence Haiku is so beautiful Graham. The brown and white photo of the bridge is terrific with it.

  6. Cindy’s photos and your lines work so well together. Love the first ‘stop and breathe’ ku. It stills the babbling in my mind. Thanks Graham and Cindy.
    – Andrew

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